Association Salaam Baalak Trust, New Dehli, 2009.

" Children land up in the streets to a variety of reasons. They may have run away from home, been abandoned, lost in crowds or opt for the streets instead of home. The streets then become their home. Often, these children face abusive and exploitative situations that they run away from, they may be "protected" by other child or a gang in exchange for certain favours ; they may take to sniffing solvents, ingesting drugs altering mood or petty crimes. Children are found at railway platforms or the congested streets around the railway station where they beg for a living, work as porters, serve in roadside stalls or run errand. Most of these children are unable to access to medical care. Salaam Baalak Trust organization works for over 20 years to help these children. " Salaam Baalak Trust

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